Bank Services

– The second category includes businesses such as services to provide bank cells, wholesale merchandise VIP – The third category – the most "normal" businesses, including: wholesale trade, recruiting business, credit – deposit operations of banks, the mass insurance business, conventional construction, services, real estate agents and many others. In a game in crisis can (and should!) Significantly strengthen its position in the market at the expense of competitors. Any business, especially in large companies, unthinkable without the people who create the goods and services. Key personnel must be stored in times of crisis. We must find a way to keep them even if companies have to reduce their wages. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gary Bonds. In Currently heads of firms argue as follows: revenues are falling, costs remain the same.

To make a profit at the same level, it is necessary to reduce costs. This is the correct logic, but because the income time of crisis tend to decrease, profits will still fall. Therefore, cost reduction helps to solve the problem only to a certain, easily attainable limit. Costs, of course, should be reduced. However, the criterion for making decisions about what expenses we are going, and on what – no, you can suggest the following: if these costs can successfully survive the crisis and even expand its market, it is necessary for them to accept. If the Your business, there are new business areas that are still not profitable, you must decide the correct freeze these activities or, alternatively, their early development, if they contribute to survival in times of crisis.


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