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Independence (from Australia, Britain and New Zealand) was proclaimed in 1968, Nauru has a special status in the British Commonwealth of Nations, of which it was in 1968 after independence. C May 1999 to January 2006 Nauru was a full member of this organization. On September 14, 1999 she became the 187th member of the UN. Also, this state is a member of the Pacific Islands Forum, the Asian Development Bank (member of the 52nd of September 1991) and other international organizations. Nauru maintains diplomatic relations with many countries, including with a number of CIS countries. Its main partners are Australia, Britain, India, New Zealand, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea and Japan. To be clear, as a diplomatic level leads to Nauru, outlined the history of its relations with China and Taiwan. As you know, at one time the U.S.

floated the idea to organize a wholesale recognition of the "Kuomintang of China" – in the face of Washington's administration controlled the island of Taiwan. In 1980, to two or three countries that recognize Taiwan, "China", joined Nauru – under U.S. pressure. However, after Beijing switched to active politics in the region, the Asia-Pacific (ATB), July 21, 2002 Nauru severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan, by contrast, has established with China. Nauruansky President Rene Harris signed a contract in Hong Kong, China, on which the country recognize only one government of China – China. China also committed itself to allocate financial assistance to Nauru in the amount of $ 60 million, as well as help to pay 77 million dollars of debt the company General Electric.

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