Andreas Franken

It’s funny in some Cases to see who is talking to himself so. So, 14-year-old describe themselves as age”, for me this word refers to is still an ugly designation of an elderly person. Many people give this language originated in the so-called gangsta rap”, I would like to do not but because it is also in this type of music is a form of expression of music and also should not be applied in a narrower sense. Bobby bland spoke with conviction. The poets who committed this music in General, use this myself just out of means of expression, to get recognition, or in rare cases, also to the ills in our society to have. At the end, it is our youth who appropriates this language and are also bluntly again without thinking to damage their own social competence. Because someone who would set comes to splash in and starts with Hey, age? Many of those affected could remit the guilt on this language on our education. Although I find that the German lessons is still one of the few lessons is reasonably maintained. Of course varies according to the teacher, but still not a fact for that language.

“But not only the gangsta language” entered our language has found but also online language is increasingly used in the public. For example, expressions such as for example. LoL, ROFL, ftw, wtf and so on. Some of these words not I translate times because of what her statements. As an example but I will explain to the word LoL them. This word expresses a funny response to an event. It is funny and it LoL as a 20-year-old man or woman in the bus sits and laughs”says. Now to our language continue to evolve like as it is not now time also common for languages, but please in these directions. Andreas Franken

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