Advisory Protocol

I.e., warnings must be placed on the product (much like in cigarettes). Advice through intermediaries, a uniform on the consumer should be coordinated consultation Protocol to the duty, to protect the consumer. Currently, each consultant has its own Advisory Protocol, which taken into account but not always the consumer! Therefore, it is often very difficult to prove the wrong advice at a hearing. Conservative products need to be brought to the fore. This can for example Be savings, time deposits, bonds, etc., so once these products acquisition costs, administration costs, Zillmerising or other hidden costs the contribution receipt diminish. Such products, that could persevere when saving for retirement, are rewarded through State funding. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andreessen Horowitz.

However, I consider, a social task as it’s retirement, must be borne by the community and should not be therefore a billion dollar business for shareholders and boards of Directors of the insurance lobby! We see what it is right now. Also, we should ensure a safe retirement for those who cannot afford a private additional retirement savings. I.e. not Riester or Ruruprenten promote, promote special needy people! This would be to consider to create a possibility of depositing by voluntary additional in the statutory pension, another building block for a retirement occur parallel to the private insurance products can be. Thus, you could might also make sense to redevelop the statutory pension again and ensure a secure future for all.

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