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Professional Organization

In July, the demand for Resellers fell compared with the winter months by 40%. Proportionately decreased and the number of actual transactions. Odessa real estate market also showed a rapid decline in property prices for June – July. On the … Continue reading


Creus Park Cabo

If you decide to travel to the ciudad condal there are apartments in Barcelona near this Museum, which is at the heart of the Catalan capital, a few meters from plaza Cataluna and las Ramblas. The Park of Cabo de … Continue reading


Ethics Perhaps

Analyzed cases about advertising, quality of products, loyalty of the employees, ecology, mergers, influence of leaders, I ran recorded an example about how a subordinate if would act a superior, which depended on his direct boss, requested discretionary company information. … Continue reading


Research Center

9 Keep a favourable climate, to develop academic activities. 10 Build and expand an income return preparers that support academic action. 11 Keep a more dynamic vinculaion with the business sector and other organism, community, governance, State. It should the … Continue reading

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Salvador Question

We saw here until a little of the history of the ambient question, now, we go abiding in them by the question after specifies of Salvador approval of the PDDU/2008, that, in the form as approved, goes to advance in … Continue reading


Alison Better

Clint remains the unequivocal conclusion, decidedly, knows to direct itself exactly. To the measure that the Malpaso Company was advancing in the time, and if becoming Malpaso Productions, the candle master said to the wind: nothing of expensive productions estapafrdias. … Continue reading


Wikipedia Consumerism

Only in this case the big men were trying to wrest the wealth to each other, and granted greater prestige and power to the individual that could build up and sustain greater fortune. During the early years of capitalism, conferred … Continue reading

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The Importance

The present work, searchs to approach the subject, in accord with the importance of the social matrix of all and any scientific knowledge, losing its value if not to bring benefits for the society, a useless existence, is in this … Continue reading



Being so plastic, a same story can be applied to different situations and moments and the having a framework or humorous content are easily recorded in our memory. One of the great advantages of the tales is that they penetrate … Continue reading

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Festival Name

This year the category also included special events that are going away to reunite all the initiatives that are not limited a projection, but in different types from art that go from the graphical design, theater, pictorial line of vision … Continue reading